Mid Valley Veterinary Hospital offers complete and comprehensive veterinary services which include:


Dental Care

Advanced Orthopedic Surgery

We provide comprehensive and advanced orthopedic services and surgeries performed by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon.  We offer orthopedic surgeries for the repair of hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, bone fractures, and anterior cruciate ligament tears.  (Usually performed on large breed dogs, the surgical procedure to repair anterior cruciate ligament tears is the TPLO procedure.)

Every orthopedic procedure will be discussed in depth so that you establish and gain a full understanding of the diagnosis, surgical procedure, follow-up care and prognosis of your pet.

General Surgery / Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery is a surgical procedure that is not associated with bones.  The most common soft tissue surgery performed at our hospital is the removal of lumps or masses, also known as tumors.  Some of the masses or lumps will require removal and testing.  While a majority of the masses are benign (non-harmful), some can be malignant, which can be more serious.  Early removal and accurate diagnosis of a lump is important for your pet’s health.

Spaying or neutering your pet is another common soft tissue surgical procedure that is very important for the health and well-being of your pet.  Moreover, it is now a Los Angeles City requirement.

Lacerations (serious cuts or wounds) are also common occurrences that require surgery.  Suturing or closing a wound on your pet will reduce the chance of infection, improve healing time and reduce scarring.

Preventative Health Care and Wellness

Preventative Health Care and Wellness We are proponents of preventative health care.  Our wellness and vaccination program and clinics are designed to prevent diseases and prolong the lives of your beloved pets.

Disease prevention is always less traumatic and less costly than dealing with the treatment of the actual disease in your pet.  For instance, the treatment for parvovirus, a sometimes fatal disease in puppies, but can also inflict adult dogs, can cost $1,000 or more.  However, a single, preventative parvovirus vaccination is usually less than $20.

Early diagnosis of a disease is another very important element of preventative health care.  Preventative testing can help your pet lead a longer and healthier life.  For example, in some cases, if kidney disease is diagnosed early, simple modification of your dog or cat’s diet can potentially extend his or her life.

Spaying and neutering your pets not only helps in their behavior and temperament, but it also prevents certain serious and/or life-threatening diseases.  Spaying and neutering are also required in the City of Los Angeles.